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Parenting Is Hard: Soup Makes It Better

It truly does not matter what age your kids are, how many you have, what gender they identify as, what town/city you live in, what your house looks like, whether your kids attend public school, private school or are home-schooled: every single parent on this planet experiences moments of frustration, confusion, exasperation, irritation and depletion when raising a family. The reasons why I get can't sleep some nights may be very different from yours, but the fact remains the same: we are parents and we may never sleep again.  What one considers a tough parenting day might induce eye rolling and judgement from another. A neighbor detailing her teen daughter's second suspension from school and her son's recent health scare might actually make you thankful for the...

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Healthy Desserts: They Just Make Me Happy

I have been spending quite a bit of time lately thinking about what makes me happy. In fact, I am taking this so seriously, I enrolled in an online course through Yale University that focuses on the science and importance of being happy. I am doing this for a few reasons

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A Fishing Life Lesson: Progress Not Perfection

I will never, ever forget our first attempt at fishing nearly 9 years ago. We didn’t have fancy equipment, in fact, we didn’t have any equipment. I thought it would be more fun, more rustic if we used long sticks and tied some string to the end with a hook…very Tom Sawyer, don’t you think?

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Pantries: Not a Wasteland Anymore

All this time I’ve spent in our pantry recently has motivated me to make it more user friendly. I have cleaned up, cleaned out and de-cluttered our supply of boxed, canned and jarred food. The result: I now have a clear sense of what we have, what we need and a road map for some really tasty meals I can make with my family this weekend.

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