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Parenting Is Hard: Soup Makes It Better

It truly does not matter what age your kids are, how many you have, what gender they identify as, what town/city you live in, what your house looks like, whether your kids attend public school, private school or are home-schooled: every single parent on this planet experiences moments of frustration, confusion, exasperation, irritation and depletion when raising a family. The reasons why I get can't sleep some nights may be very different from yours, but the fact remains the same: we are parents and we may never sleep again.  What one considers a tough parenting day might induce eye rolling and judgement from another. A neighbor detailing her teen daughter's second suspension from school and her son's recent health scare might actually make you thankful for the...

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February 25th: National Chili Day!

Is there anything more hearty and satisfying than a big bowl of chili with a side of tortilla chips or cornbread? I love this recipe because as it simmers my entire house smells amazing, drawing my kids out of their messy rooms (where the curtains are probably still closed 😩) and into our kitchen!

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Meatless Mondays: Lentil and Black Bean Shepard's Pie

The following recipe is a favorite in our house, especially around St. Patrick’s Day and you won’t even miss the meat because this recipe is so hearty and satisfying. Because we’ve all been advised to stock up on shelf stable items, chances are you have everything you need in your pantry for this delicious recipe!

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