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Quarantine Snack: Red Pepper Hummus

This recipe for Red Pepper Hummus was created one afternoon when my kids wanted some hummus, but I didn’t feel like putting on my face mask and gloves and heading to the supermarket, so I used what we had in our pantry. The results? One fantastic quarantine snack that was super easy AND kid approved!

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Quarantine Snack: Spicy Three-Cheese Spread and Onesto Crackers

Last week, we came up with this cheesy spread and it was a hit. I hope you find some time to make it with your family and serve it this weekend. It goes great with Onesto Everything Crackers (shameless plug) and is also dynamite lunch or dinner when spread on a piece of thick bread, broiled in the oven and served with a big salad or along a bowl of soup.

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Pantries: Not a Wasteland Anymore

All this time I’ve spent in our pantry recently has motivated me to make it more user friendly. I have cleaned up, cleaned out and de-cluttered our supply of boxed, canned and jarred food. The result: I now have a clear sense of what we have, what we need and a road map for some really tasty meals I can make with my family this weekend.

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Meatless Mondays: Lentil and Black Bean Shepard's Pie

The following recipe is a favorite in our house, especially around St. Patrick’s Day and you won’t even miss the meat because this recipe is so hearty and satisfying. Because we’ve all been advised to stock up on shelf stable items, chances are you have everything you need in your pantry for this delicious recipe!

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