Make Valentine's Day Easy and Fun!

Make Valentine's Day Easy and Fun!

Valentine's Day is only 13 days away as I write this. I know many people refer to February 14th as a Hallmark Holiday, but I disagree. I think of it as a little lift in my mood during the doldrums of winter. Buying small gifts for my husband and two kids brings me joy. There's also something cozy and fun about planning a special dinner for those I love so much. However, I'm a realist. I know that my kids are teenagers, so they probably won't want to spend the night with me and my husband. Why should Valentine's Day be any different than every other day of the week? 🤣

I came up with these Petit Platters this past fall when I was playing around with charcuterie board ideas. We had some beautiful zinnias still blooming in our garden, and I thought they would be a wonderful pop of color and add some romance to the boards. I also think it feels a bit more special when each person is handed their own personal board, as if it was crafted just for them.

When you're crafting your own Petit Platters, remember there are no rules! Include foods that you know your loved one(s) enjoy, and the more crowded the boards are with delectable bites, the better! If you don't have mini boards, don't fret... use dinner plates. I am serving some smoked and cured meats, so I thought a rich, full-bodied red wine would go nicely. If you're serving lighter foods, try a crisp white wine. But just remember to HAVE FUN!

This Valentine's Day, I can't think of a better way to show my family just how much I love them than with delicious and beautiful Petit Platters. Oh, and chocolate doesn't hurt either! 😉

With love and gratitude,

Jane :)

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