Onesto Summer Pairing Guide

Onesto Summer Pairing Guide

Whether you find yourself seaside, poolside, lakeside, camp-side or just in your backyard this summer, our delicious and approved Summer Pairing Guide will take your summer snacking to the next level! 
Keep things easy and opt for store bought items where you can. Buying ready-made guacamole, basil pesto, jams etc will give you time to master your Campari Spritz!

Everything Cracker Pairing Platter



Rosemary Cracker Pairing Platter



Sea Salt Cracker Pairing Platter 


Above are some photos of the platters we made for our Summer Pairing Party. We put each platter on our patio along with a pairing card in front of each station. Guests mingled while sipping Campari Spritzes, wine (and water) while creating their delicious bites. A deliciously good time was had by all! 

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